Museo Nazionale Archeologico di Altamura

From the Paleolithic era to the Middle Age

  National Archaeological Museum of Altamura   was founded by the willà to reunify the many archaeological discoveries of the whole area,  from prehistory to the Middle Ages . L’ exposure represents the population of’ Alta Murgia   and constitutes a synthesis of civilizationà Peucezi of up to più territories; Interior towards the Basilicata and l’ arc ionico.Nel during a series of excavations, starting from’ immediate post-war period and during the years of reconstruction, exactly in’ area where now stands the museum was revealed a segment  inhabited peucezio.La museum was officially opened in  1993 to coincide with some major discoveries made in the nineties of the last century, like the skeleton Neanderthal of’ Altamura Man , found in a cave karst in the resortà Lamalunga, and paleontological site with dinosaur footprints Pontrelli cava, which are an additional attraction for the audience.&Nbsp; The chassis that nowè can visit the collection in the Museum dates back to the  in 1960, when costruì l’ two-story building, immediately behind the old town, along the’ artery street town leading to Santeramo.Inaugurato a  March 2017, the new layout winds through a multimedia route from the didactic cut .At  first floor, l’ exposureè dedicated to the civilizationà have occurred in’ Alta Murgia, from pre- and early history to’ età Late Antiquity, with materials from settlements and cemeteries of the adjacent territory. The  second floor è instead dedicated entirely to the European Paleolithic with specific insights on’ south-central Italy. Ampleè dedicated to the show“ Prehistory of food. The origins of bread&rdquo ;, founded by the willà to recreate the strong link with the rural character of the area.


Permanent Collection

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Via Santeramo, 88 (Museo nazionale archeologico)
70022 Altamura


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