Altamura National Archaeological Museum

From the Paleolithic to the Middle Ages

The National Archaeological Museum of Altamura was born from the desire to reunify the numerous archaeological discoveries of the whole territory, from Prehistory to the Middle Ages . The exhibition represents the population of the Alta Murgia and constitutes a synthesis of the Peucezi civilization up to the innermost territories, towards Basilicata and the Ionian arch. during the years of reconstruction, exactly in the area where the Museum stands today, a segment of Peucetius inhabited area was unearthed.The museum structure was officially inaugurated in 1993, coinciding with some important discoveries made in the nineties of the last century, such as the Neanderthal skeleton of the Man of Altamura , found in a karst cave in the locality of Lamalunga, and the paleontological site with dinosaur footprints from the Pontrelli quarry, which constitute a further element of attraction for the public. The structure in which today it is possible to visit the collection in the Museum dates back to the end of 1960, when the two-storey building was built, immediately behind the historic center, along the city road that leads to Santeramo. the new exhibition unfolds through a multimedia itinerary with an educational cut. On the first floor, the exhibition is dedicated to the civilizations that followed one another in the Alta Murgia, from pre and proto-history to the late antique age, with materials from settlements and necropolises of the neighboring territory. The second floor, on the other hand, is entirely dedicated to the European Paleolithic with specific insights into central-southern Italy. Ample space is dedicated to the exhibition “Prehistory of food. At the origins of bread ”, born from the desire to recreate the strong link with the agricultural vocation of the territory.


Permanent Collection

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Via Santeramo, 88 (Museo nazionale archeologico)
70022 Altamura


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