Museum of Paleontology of Naples

The Museum of Paleontology

The Museum of Paleontology of Naples , located along the west side of the seventeenth-century Monastic Complex of Saints Marcellino and Festo , borders the monumental church dedicated to the two saints, now deconsecrated, and with the elegant Cloister of the end of the 16th century.

Some of the rooms of the Museum of Paleontology are embellished with majolica floors of extraordinary value made by Neapolitan masters. Established in 1932, the Museum of Paleontology had as its first director Geremia D'Erasmo who undertook to bring together in the Museum the collections and paleontological finds purchased, since the early nineteenth century, by Matteo Tondi and Arcangelo Scacchi , directors of the Royal Museum Mineralogico and by Guglielmo Guiscardi and Francesco Bassani, directors of the Museum of Geology, established in 1860 but no longer existing.

The paleontological heritage was soon enriched with other interesting specimens which reached the Museum in large numbers as study material sent by various researchers to Professor D'Erasmo and which remained part of the museum heritage.

The exhibition area of the Museum of Paleontology of Naples is about 800 square meters and is divided into various rooms and houses a heritage that has almost 50,000 finds, including: three specimens of large marine reptiles (Ichthyosaurs), Collection of the naturalist Oronzio Gabriele Costa , represented from a precious collection of fossils from various locations in central-southern Italy.


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Largo San Marcellino, 10
80134 Naples


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