Mining Museum Park

Mining Museum Park

In the Abbadia San Salvatore Mining Museum Park it is possible to visit the mines from which mercury was extracted from 1899 to 1972 and to deepen the events related to the development and evolution of one of the most important mineral deposits in the world, in the heart of Monte Amiata.

The exhibition itinerary is divided into three spaces: the Clock Tower, with the documentary museum; the former Workshop, with the multimedia and interactive path created by Studio Azzurro and inaugurated in 2016; and finally the Level VII Gallery, where five environments are recreated that reproduce the excavation fronts and the various stages of processing in a highly evocative atmosphere. The Museum traces the historical and human story of the miners, accompanying the visitor in the discovery of how the men who lived and worked every day in the depths of the earth and who consumed their health and their youth in the mine. This incredible human story is illustrated through the exhibition of work tools and period clothing, but also through a gallery of portraits with ancient photos of the inhabitants of Abbadia, former miners, families and groups of workers. The collection also shows the different minerals extracted in the Amiata area, the mineral excavation systems and the different conception of mercury over time: from an alchemical product to a global strategic resource.

After the visit to the Museum, it is possible to take a fascinating journey into the bowels of the mountain, climbing on the miners' wagon and traveling 250 meters underground, in the gallery where some work settings are reconstructed, equipped with tools and machinery. The itinerary explores some particularly significant moments of mine work and illustrates the evolution of the various work systems, from the 1920s to the 1950s.


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Piazzale Renato Rossaro, 6
53021 Abbadia San Salvatore


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