the Museum Center of Natural and Physical Sciences

The Museum Center of Natural and Physical Sciences, established in 1992, brings together in a single structure the five historical museums of the Federico II University: Real Mineralogical Museum, the Zoological Museum, the Anthropology Museum, the Paleontology Museum and the Physics Museum . The guarded heritage amounts to over 300,000 exhibits, placed in museums starting from the end of the 18th century and boasts prestigious exhibition spaces, for about 3500 square meters, located inside buildings, in turn, of great historical, architectural and cultural interest, such as the Monumental Complex of the Salvatore and the neighboring Complex of Saints Marcellinus and Festus.

The vast and articulated museum heritage, often peculiar to the city and the territory, has a significant scientific and historical value, with numerous finds linked to the researches of illustrious scientists who worked in the Federician University.

Since its inception, the Museum Center has engaged in numerous activities, going well beyond the institutional tasks that the Museums have to provide: the conservation, study and display of the exhibits. In fact, the effort made to disseminate scientific knowledge, the culture of historical values and knowledge of the museum heritage was notable, with the aim of improving and qualifying the development of the territory to which it belongs. This constant commitment has manifested itself through the involvement of all citizens, especially schools, and with the strengthening of activities aimed at promoting the use of the museum heritage. Thus, cultural events such as conventions, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, guided tours and laboratory activities have been conceived and implemented by the Museum Center. All these initiatives have been put in place with the aim of promoting and stimulating aware citizenship, through the values of social responsibility, inclusion and learning throughout people's lives.

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