Naples Physics Museum

The Physics Museum

The Physics Museum houses the precious heritage consisting of the physics instruments of Federico II for a long time it was kept in the Physics Cabinet of the University of Naples, established by Gioacchino Murat with Royal Decree of 1811.

Subsequently the instruments were kept in the Institute of Physics and then in deposits until 2000, the date of the establishment of the Museum of Physics and the assignment of the premises of the Refectory of the Collegio Massimo dei Gesuiti designed, around 1680, by Dionisio Lazzari, an important exponent of the Neapolitan Baroque.

In the prestigious halls of the Physics Museum, the original 17th century stuccos and the outlines of the doors in piperno are conserved, they have been furnished with 19th century showcases and valuable furniture in walnut briar. The magnificent altarpiece depicting the Circumcision of Jesus was placed in the large hall of the Refectory, commissioned from the Sienese painter Marco Pino da Siena by the Jesuit fathers for the church of the Collegio. The exhibition area of about 640 square meters is divided into a spacious entrance which gives access to three large rooms where exhibits documenting the development of physics in the Kingdom of Naples and often linked to the historical and political events of the city of Naples are exhibited.


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via Mezzocannone, 8
80134 Naples


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