Museo di Archeologia e Paleontologia Carlo Conti

The Borgosesia Museum Of Archeology And Paleontology

Inaugurated in 2007, the Borgosesia Museum of Archeology and Paleontology is dedicated to Carlo Conti (1880- 1974), sculptor and Honorary Inspector of the Archaeological Superintendence of Piedmont from 1923 to 1954.

The collection was formed around the nucleus of Conti finds and was integrated over time, thanks to the recoveries of the GASB, the Archaeological-Speleological Group of Borgosesia formed in 1962 at the behest of Attilio Zanni. After him, it was Federico Strobino who gave new vitality to the group who, in the 1990s, made a huge contribution to the scientific studies conducted by Francesco Fedele, the Institute of Anthropology in Turin and the cooperatives sent to Monte Fenera by the Superintendency.

The tradition of studies and excavations continues today at the University of Ferrara and at the University of Geneva, indispensable for a scientific reading of the context and for its cultural mediation.

The didactic vocation constitutes the identity node of the Conti Museum. The intent is to offer a dynamic service, an engine for activating actions that aim at promoting civic awareness and the cultural enhancement of the area.

The archaeological collection testifies to the constant human presence in the territory from the Middle Paleolithic (with remains of homo neanderthalensis) up to the 19th century: lithic tools and prehistoric ceramic objects come mainly from Monte Fenera; grave goods from the Iron Age and Roman times have been found in ancient, today's Borgosesia; the remains of a cave settlement, complete with craftsmanship, indicate that in the early Middle Ages man returned at least partially to the caves; materials from the castle of Vanzone describe human activities from the Late Middle Ages to the 19th century.

The links with the universities are significant: the museum's role is to disseminate new discoveries and studies in progress through a structured schedule of conferences, educational workshops for schools of all kinds and levels, appointments for families and digital insights on the web.


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Via Combattenti, 5
13011 Borgosesia


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