Museo della Biodiversità

The Biodiversity Museum

The Biodiversity Museum is located in Monticiano, within the Natural Reserve of Alto Merse, and is a state-of-the-art structure that is a candidate to become a national landmark for environmental education. The Province of Siena is, in fact, one of the Italian territories with maximum biodiversity and nature reserves are an essential stage in the ecological health of the territory.

Housed in a modern structure and set up in an engaging and immersive way, the museum wants to show and tell the great heritage of biodiversity present on our planet and the actions necessary for its conservation, exploring the complexity of relations between man and natural ecosystems. The museum route is divided into two floors: the ground floor, consisting of 6 sections, tells what biodiversity is, where it is, what it is used and how it forms; explains what the extinction of the species is and what are the risks for the survival of life on the planet; What conservation tools, starting with protected areas.

The second floor is, on the other hand, dedicated to the Sienese territory, where 14 exhibition islands identify and describe the characteristics of each of the Natural Reserves of the Province. In this large room, a space dedicated to WWF oasis will soon be set up. The visit to the museum is therefore a journey to discover life on earth, its complexity and beauty, of the many risks that are running due to man. A trip-story where there is not only spectators, but also protagonists: why continues are the stimulus to learn more, to verify the knowledge, asking questions about the issues of environmental sustainability.

Also thanks to the various popular and scientific initiatives, you enter from curious visitors and comes out of citizens with some more awareness. The museum was born to accommodate workers, scholars, schools, tourists and summer and winter fields of the WWF dedicated to smaller and schools, through models, games, stimuli able to conduct the public with curiosity to environmental issues and discovery Of a territory of invaluable value and beauty.


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Strada Provinciale 73bis
53015 Monticiano


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