Fulcis Palace

Fulcis Palace

Palazzo Fulcis is the seat of the historical-artistic collections of the Muse or Civic or of Belluno .

The Museum was established in 1872, thanks to the donation to the city of the important collection of paintings by the Belluno doctor Antonio Giampiccoli. To it were soon added the collections of bronzes, medals, plaques, coins, seals, manuscripts and books of local interest of Count Florio Miari. The building of the Collegio dei Giuristi, a building from 1664, was intended for the exhibition. The actual inauguration of the Museum took place in 1876, thanks to the efforts of Osvaldo Monti, Royal Provincial Inspector of Monuments and Excavations and first director of this institution.

In 2017, after a long restoration, it was opened to the public Palazzo Fulcis, an elegant eighteenth-century building, intended to house the historical-artistic collections of the Civic Museum of Belluno, in a new layout.

To date, the layout of Palazzo Fulcis sees in the basement the Lapidary with important monuments and inscriptions that document the history of Belluno in the medieval and modern age.

On the first, second and third floors, there is the picture gallery with paintings from the 14th to the 19th century that mostly come from the Veneto area. Worth noting is the large number of canvases by Sebastiano Ricci , including the Fall of Phaeton , which was to decorate the ceiling of the Camerino d'Ercole by the Belluno nobleman Pietro Fulcis. Other rooms are dedicated to wooden sculpture - an art that Andrea Brustolon found one of his best interpreters in the Belluno area - to the collection of plaques and small bronzes, to drawings, to votive paintings and to unusual collections of decorative arts, among which are noteworthy, for completeness and richness, that of Belluno jewels and that of porcelain. In June 2021, the Sala degli Spadai was also opened to the public, to witness an ancient art in which Belluno played a leading role during the Renaissance.


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Via Roma, 28
32100 Belluno


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