Complesso museale di San Francesco di Montefalco

The Complex Is The Church Of San Francesco

The heart of the complexè the Church of San Francesco, with the beautiful paintings Benozzo Gozzoli, author of the decoration of the chapel of San Girolamo and those of the apse. His  Stories from the life of St. Francis   (1452) are among the più important preserved Renaissance cycles. Around this are arranged buzzing center, along the way, valuable collections d’ art: gallery crypt with the old cellars of the Friars Minor, the the archaeological finds and stone fragments and, finally, the spaces dedicated to the exhibitions’ contemporary art.

his extraordinary cycle of frescoesè Montefalco glory. Built between 1335 and 1338 by the Friars Minor, the Church rectangularè composed of a central nave that ends with a’ pentagonal apse, beautifully frescoed by Benozzo Gozzoli with  Stories from the Life of St. Francis. The twenty episodes from the life of the Saint are narrated all’ internal twelve scenes on three registers. The vaults of the’ apse are decorated with vegetal elements, Franciscan Saints figures and Glory of St. Francis.

At the decoration of the side chapels worked Jacopo Vincioli, John of Corraduccio, Ascensidonio Spacca, while the fresco in the counter the Annunciation with the Eternal in glory between angels and Nativityà  è work of the 1503 Pietro Vannucci said Perugino.  

In the four rooms of Gallery you can know the works d’ art belonging to religious corporations of the City of Montefalco: paintings, tables, frescoes detached from other churches in the area, as well asé materials and ornaments.

The ancient cellars of the Friars Minor Conventual have been a happy discovery during the last restoration. The cellars date from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Among the works of the archaeological section,è exposed  marble statue of Hercules.


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Via Ringhiera Umbra, 6
06036 Montefalco


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