Foundation è Modena Visual Arts; a center of cultural production and training and education aimed at disseminating the’ contemporary art and visual culture and to stand as a landmark in’ interaction between disciplines and different artistic languages ​​and dialogue between the arts, science and technology .

Thanks to the multiplicityà of the seats that manages and collecting the’ legacyà the three institutions merged in it - Galleria Civica di Modena, Photography Foundation of Modena, Museum of Figurine - Modena Visual Arts Foundation presents itself as a cultural district  which proposes and organizes exhibitions and high-level training courses, workshops, performances and conferences, enhancing its assets and building a system of networks at local and extraterritorial face all’ enrichment of the communityà in which it operates.

A short walk from Central Station is the Tobacco Factory, one of realityà architectural post more ugrave&industrial; significant to the history of labor and finance Modena, which refers to the tobacco industry active since the seventeenth century.

The recent redevelopment has allowed to recover the functional complex allowing a walkway connecting the center with the way that leads at the train station. Inside, c’è the cultural space called MATA, born on the initiative of the Municipality of Modena, today venue of Modena Visual Arts Foundation.


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Via della Manifattura dei Tabacchi, 83
41121 Modena


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