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MUSMA is the Museum of Contemporary Sculpture in one of the oldest cities in the world: Matera. It is housed in an imposing historic building in the Sassi, the seventeenth-century Palazzo Pomarici, built on the ruins of a Dominican convent dating back to 1200. The visit itinerary winds through a space of about 2000 square meters, divided into ten rooms, once the home of the Pomarici family. , and in seven caves, formerly used as stables, cellars and warehouses. The alternation of contrast and harmony between the modern and contemporary sculptures and the environments carved into the rock of the Sassi is very suggestive. Over 200 works tell of a century of Italian and international sculpture: sculptures from the historic core of the collection (from Medardo Rosso to Arturo Martini, from Duilio Cambellotti to Antonietta Raphäel), works set up in accordance with the peculiar structure of the museum (from David Hare to Carlo Bernardini , from Kishida Katsuji to Maria Lai) and site-specific installations, conceived and created by the artists for these unique spaces in the world (from Eliseo Mattiacci to Luis Gomez de Teran, from Saverio Todaro to Sandra Hauser). The works are all donated to the Zetema Foundation of Matera, the promoter of the project. The numerous educational activities, collaborations with other cultural institutions, meetings between artists and communities, concerts, book presentations have made MUSMA over the years become a point of reference for the territory, an indispensable place for sharing and exchange. of knowledge and knowledge, open to current issues and the needs of a rapidly changing world.


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Via San Giacomo
75100 Matera


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