La Galleria. Collezione e Archivio Storico di BPER Banca

La Galleria Collezione E Archivio Storico Di BPER Banca

“ The Gallery. Collection and Historical Archive”È the cultural project that BPER Bank has sponsored to promote the values ​​of protection, conservation, enhancement and usabilityà of its artistic and archival heritage. In December 2017 was inaugurated the exhibition space in Via Scudari 9 in Modena, the heart of the project, which   allows BPER Bank to show the major masterpieces of the d’ art collection.&Nbsp;

“ Gallery. Collection and Historical Archive”È an exhibition space and representation for the BPER Group Bank. The gallery wants to propose a dynamic program of events, presentations and projects, in order to show the bank's assets and make it accessible for the public. For this reason they are organized at the exhibition space exhibitions, press conferences related to cultural projects and presentations of major works from different collectable nuclei of the BPER Group Bank.


Permanent Collection

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Via Scudari 9
41121 Modena


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