The BPER Banca Gallery

The BPER Banca Gallery

The BPER Banca Gallery was founded in 2017, with the declared objective of studying, enhancing and making the rich cultural heritage of collections and archives owned by the bank accessible to the public. The first exhibition space open to the public was the Pinacoteca di Modena where it has been possible to organize, to date, fourteen thematic exhibitions focused on the main masterpieces and areas of the collection.

Each exhibition is accompanied by the publication of catalogs and study notebooks accompanied by descriptive texts and descriptions of the works, created with art historians, curators and curators of the exhibitions. The BPER Banca collection of paintings is in fact strongly characterized by territorial historical-artistic nuclei, which flank the main corpus represented by works from the Emilia and Romagna area from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century, originally formed in Banca Popolare di Modena. Fundamental, in the overall definition of the cultural heritage of BPER Banca, including what is represented by the Historical Archive, recently reorganized into new spaces open to the use of scholars, a vast collection of documents witnessing the history of over 150 years of the territory and its profound social transformations.

The BPER Banca Gallery therefore wants to offer itself as a continuously proactive cultural pole, open to the new generations, accessible and inclusive, for a concretely sustainable future also thanks to education in culture in all its forms and expressions.


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Via Scudari 9
41121 Modena


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