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closed Real universe, imagined universe.

Curated by: Nello Taietti

The show

The exhibition “Real universe, imagined universe. The cosmic works of Luciana Matalon meet astrophotography ”, the exhibition is curated by Nello Taietti in collaboration with Passione Astronomia. The exhibition aims to be "a meeting and dialogue point between the work of Luciana Matalon and that of three astrophotographers, members of the Passione Astronomia group, both of whom investigate existence, the universe and its mysteries, from different perspectives", explained Nello Taietti.

An exhibition itinerary where the public will be welcomed by 40 paintings and 40 photographs:

in the first place the works of Luciana Matalon explore the astral dimension, where the reference to reality exists, but is not a priority, filtered as it is by a psychic, fantastic substratum.They mainly characterize the artistic production that goes back to the second half of the years 60s until the 70s and are the result of the combination of plastics, fibers, embossed resins and paint. Mindful of Lucio Fontana's lesson, Matalon recovers the "poetics" of liberating momentum from Spatialism, creating cosmoses that are the result of his mental projections and perceptions.

The artist's paintings therefore meet the images of the three photographers Daniele Gasparri, Marco Bastoni and Stefano Maraggi who investigate the real universe through the photographic lens. Thanks to technology, photographs are able to capture the true essence of the Cosmos and immortalize the Universe which becomes the place of origin of natural works of art.

The union between art and photography takes the viewer into a path that sees Space as the protagonist, allowing the observer to enter a reality where the boundary between abstract and real dialogue in parallel and complementary languages.

Works on display

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Foro Buonaparte, 67
20121 Milan


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