Castello Reale di Govone

The Castle

The first mention of the Govone Castle date back to 989, then a medieval fortress consists of two buildings with a square tower and a circular.&Nbsp;

the present building is the work of the Solaro Counts: Roberto, Grand Prior of the order of Malta, and his nephew Francesco Ottavio, to which the architect Guarino Guarini dedicated the reconstruction project. The execution of the work was continued by his heirs, including: the Marquis of Breglio, Giuseppe Roberto Solaro; his brother, Antonio Maurizio Solaro, Grand Prior of the Order of Malta, Luigi and Giuseppe Ottavio Solaro, Count of Favria, to whom we owe the completion of the castle decorations and creating the spectacular staircase in front. 

in 1792, with the death of the Earl of Govone Amedeo Lodovico Solaro, the castle passed to the State and, therefore, bought by the Savoy family. 

in 1819 Carlo Felice di Savoia took an active restoration and refurbishment of the residence entrusting the supervision of works to the architects Giuseppe Cardone and Michele Borda. 

the Savoy kept the property of the castle until 1870, when it was sold to the banking house Germans in Turin and then to the lords Ovazza Segre. 

in 1897 the council bought the castle by auctioning the furniture and objects in it to be able to cope with the major expense. In 1997 the castle was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site as part of the circuit of Savoy Residences Royal.&Nbsp;


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Piazza Roma, 1
12040 Govone


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