MAGA - Museo Arte Gallarate

MA*GA - Museo Arte Gallarate

MA * GA– Gallarate Art Museum è one of the più Relevant museums d’ modern art and simultaneously in Italy. The museumè It was founded in 1966 as the Galleria Civica d’ Modern Art in Gallarate with the works acquired during the first editions of the Visual Arts National Award Cityà Gallarate, active since 1949. Currently the museumè run by the Fondazione Galleria d’ Modern and Contemporary Art Silvio Zanella founded in 2009 by an agreement between the City of Gallarate and the Ministry of Heritage and Activitiesà Cultural. The mission of the Foundationè to develop the activitiesà the museum, the preservation of the collection, which now counts moreù today; 6,000 works Italian Art since the war to date, in exhibitions, activitiesà educational for the public of all agesà ;. From 2015è also set up permanently Tapestry Room Ottavio Missoni , dedicated to’ work of the great artist and designer who just Gallarate in 1953, with his wife Rosita, he screwed his own fashion house.


Permanent Collection

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Via Egidio de Magri, 1
21013 Gallarate


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