Museo Nazionale Archeologico di Manfredonia

National Archaeological Museum Of Manfredonia

  National Archaeological Museum of Manfredonia , housed at’ the  internal; Swabian castle , contains the archaeological finds più known and significant of the territory of  Capitanata  and of’ Gargano area, including the Daunian stele.  The collections are housed at’ of  interior; Swabian-Angevin Castle , manor built in  XIII century   by the willà  Manfredi of Swabia , son of’ Emperor Federico II , to defend the new settlement built to accommodate the inhabitants of nearby Siponto become inhospitable because of’ waterlogging and wars.   and little Angevin   the turreted structure took on an organic character and a più facility; complex with high curtain wall quadrangular. In  fifteenth century  the Aragonese endowed the castle of a second outer walls, radiused at the corners by four circular towers. The one to the west, in the sixteenth century, it was incorporated in a pentagonal structure that takes its name from a bas-relief of&rsquo scene, visible Annunciation on the outer walls of the bastion.   Museum , in addition preserve archaeological objects, valuable evidence of ancient Daunia populations, want to basically carry out that function  invigoration  of historical memory, understood not as a mere thing of the past but as a number of critical awareness duty and perci memorize options ;, through an intelligent and appropriate section teaching with real benefits and services, it facilitates the’ approach all’ archeology of young people in particular and all the più visitors; sensitive in general.


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Piazzale Ferri 1 (Museo Nazionale Archeologico)
71043 Manfredonia


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