Parco Archeologico di Paestum

Parco Archeologico Paestum

L’ antiquityà Greekè the basis of modern Western culture. In the UNESCO site of Paestum , l’ Ancient Greeceè still perceived as nowhere else. 

The three Doric temples of Paestum, built about 2500 years ago, are among the best preserved in the world. You can also admire from’ interior thanks to a unique guided tour that allows you to enter the secular buildings. In many periods of’ year, you can also see new excavations in’ archaeological site intended to bring to light other structures: houses, fortifications, public buildings.

museum of Paestum , located on the archaeological site,è one of the più museums d’ Italy. The collection includes sculptures stone and terracotta, thousands of vessels paintings and hundreds of tomb painted. The Tomb of the Diver è the più ancient painted tomb in the greek world: the representation of the young man diving in’ waterè without parallel and scientific debate about its meaning continues today. 



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Via Magna Graecia, 917
84047 Capaccio


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