Archaeological Park of Paestum

Archaeological Park of Paestum

Greek antiquity is the basis of modern Western culture. In the UNESCO site of Paestum , ancient Greece is still perceptible like nowhere else.

The three Doric temples of Paestum, built about 2500 years ago, are among the best preserved in the world. They can also be admired from the inside thanks to a unique tour route that allows you to enter the centuries-old buildings. In many periods of the year, you can also witness new excavations in the archaeological area aimed at bringing to light other structures: houses, fortifications, public buildings.

The museum of Paestum , located on the archaeological site, is one of the most important museums in Italy. The collection includes stone and terracotta sculptures , thousands of painted vases and hundreds of frescoed tombs . The Tomb of the Diver is the oldest painted tomb in the Greek world: the representation of the young man diving into the water is without parallel and the scientific debate on its meaning continues today.



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