Museo Nazionale Jatta

  National Museum Jatta   is one of the rare examples of nineteenth century private collection remained unchanged in its original conception of museological. Insideè You can retrace the architectural forms, l’ furniture and ideas that presided over its creation, during the XIX century.The story of the constitution and of’ growth of the Museum, in the course of’ nineteenth century, are inseparable from the distinguished members names Jatta family: the two founders, the  brothers John Sr. and Giulio Jatta ; the wife of quest’ last  Giulia Viesti;  John junior, son of Julius and author of“ Product Collection” (Naples 1869) .L’ unchanged relationship between content and container, preserved to this day,è emblematic of the cultural climate of the  nineteenth century . The contribution of the Museum for the reconstruction of civil and social history of the cityà Ruvo at that time was officially sanctioned by the’ acquisition of the assets of the Italian State, through two acts of sale, by 19 December 1990 and 10 April 1991.Il Museum is located in’ nineteenth-century Palazzo Jatta , located in downtown  Ruvo di Puglia. The exhibitionè It was articulated in the ground floor of’ building, all’ within  four rooms. For here the structureè It was designed in such a way that it can accommodate a collection of over two thousand archaeological findings , giving rise to the nucleus of one of the più Puglia museums; rich and famous.  the  first room, whereè post a’ Latin inscription that recalls the founding of the Museum, are mostly in terracotta pots with geometric decorations dating back to’ età peuceta the seventh and sixth centuries B.C..

  second room  contains about 700 vessels in red figures on black background Greek or local production. These include a large crater masks in the fourth century BC, the work of painter Baltimore . In the  third room containing more than four hundred pieces, with their white marble bust of John Jatta junior, to whom we owe the foundation of the Museum. The   fourth room, collect moreù finds; precious. Hereè There is a marble bust, that of John Jatta senior, in the toga. The più vessel; important here Guardedè to Talos , giant whose job was to protect the’ island of Crete.


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Piazza G. Bovio, 35
70037 Ruvo di Puglia


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