Archaeological area of Veio

Archaeological area of Veio

The Archaeological Area of Veio is located in the Portonaccio locality, in Rome , and includes one of the sanctuaries of the Etruscan city of Veio , located outside the urban wall on a natural shelf overlooking the valley crossed by the Fosso della Mola (tributary of the ancient Cremera).

The sanctuary contains the oldest and most notable example of a Tuscan temple known so far. It was originally decorated with a splendid polychrome terracotta decoration culminating on the top of the roof in a series of larger-than-life statues, including the famous late-archaic group of Apollo and Hercules , faced in the struggle for possession of the horned doe. gold.

Next to the temple stood a pool intended for ritual ablutions and, further east, a large altar. From the dedicatory inscriptions and from the acroterial and votive statues we know that Minerva and Apollo must have been venerated in the sanctuary.


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