Castello di San Terenzo

The Castle

Castle of San Terenzo è a fort that stands high above the fishing village of  San Terenzo, a fraction of  Lerici, in  the Gulf of Poets.

L’ current castle was probably was built in the XV by the residents of the small village in order to protect themselves against the incursions of the   pirates, Saracens, the same‘ Turks’ from which it takes its name to the cave which opens in the rocky promontory on which stands the castle. L’ building can memorize options be enrolled among the military works of the great defensive system developed by Genoese Republic in the Gulf of La Spezia in the late sixteenth century and the’ beginning of the seventeenth century offshoot of the più imposing fortress of Lerici, today reached on foot from the castle along the picturesque walk lungomare.Tra the nineteenth and twentieth century was converted into a barracks for sailors, soldiers and financial police andè used as photoelectric station with a lot of military personnel responsible for the security and defense of the Gulf. Today has left the’ original military strategic function andè for exhibitions and cultural events.


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Via Castello, 8
19032 Lerici


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