Museo Nazionale Archeologico di Gioia del Colle

The Castle of Gioia del Colle

  National Archaeological Museum , with its laboratories, offices, services and exhibition halls,è housed in the  Castle Joy . It was established in  1977  to house relics from dell’ ancient settlement site of Mount Sannace . A result in the birth of the museum were the   important archaeological finds, made during excavations of the  1929  in Monte Sannace and above the’ significant amountà of finds from the excavations conducted between  1957  and  1961.  Following the museum's collection isè further enriched with the findings arising from research carried out in’ archaeological area in years più recent. The still continuing excavations, extended to più sectors; wide area.

  Castle of Gioia del Colle  is one of those fortified works of  vintage Frederick   that retain moreù intact l’ architectural structure, defined by’ large quadrangle, with imposing corner tower and the mighty curtains hanging with rusticated ashlar. Towering at 360 meters above sea level, it was primarily a  planting structure war , set up to defend the country.&Nbsp; L’è building; the result of a  syncretism architectural and artistic  materialized in three periods ( prenormanno , Norman and Swabian ), but also moreù contributions; Recently, consisting of the restoration of the twentieth century .

L’ archaeological exposure  è dedicated to artifacts belonging to the ancient Peucezi (VII– sec.a.C II). The collection consists mainly of vessels recovered in the grave goods and household vases discovered in’ ancient village of Monte Sannace is 5 km from Gioia del Colle, currently  Park Archaeological  of propertyà State open to the public. These are large jars with geometrical decorations, jugs, kantharoi decorated with motifs swastika and semicircles pendulous, but also Attic vases , ionic and Corinthian , which attest to the presence of trade and commerce between the indigenous population Peucezia and the Greek people. In summer Castleè also home to  shows and artistic events   to allow a better integration of the structure in the city's social and cultural fabric.


Permanent Collection

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Piazza Martiri del 1799, 1
70023 Gioia del Colle


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