Museum of the City and the Territory - Sepino

Museum of the city and the territory

The Saepinum settlement was probably born in the 4th century BC as a vicus, a residential site located at the meeting point between two ancient transhumance routes. In the Augustan period (31 BC-14 AD) the most important buildings (forum, basilica, macellum, thermal baths) were built or restored. After the Greek-Gothic war (535-553 AD) the urban area radically transformed, with the abandonment of many inhabited areas and the use of some of them as burial grounds. From the 18th century onwards, the rural buildings still visible in topographical continuity with the Roman ones were built. One of these, built on the hemicycle foundations of the theater, currently houses the Museum of the city and territory. The collection, exhibited in four rooms, collects the finds from the archaeological area of Saepinum , from the necropolis and from the territory, in chronological sequence from Prehistory to the Middle Ages. In some cases, the materials are divided into thematic groupings. The first room is dedicated to the lithic finds of the Paleolithic, while the second and the third tell the daily lifestyle, the productive, commercial and entrepreneurial activities of the Hellenistic and Roman periods. The fourth room displays the materials of the Lombard tombs (7th century) and a selection of ceramics from the 13th and 14th centuries.


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Strada provinciale, 82
86017 Sepino


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