Area archeologica di Serra di Vaglio

Area Archeologica di Serra di Vaglio

Archaeological area placed on a’ natural acropolis 1000 s.l.m. domain of the Basento valley. The siteè relating to an indigenous settlement attended starting from’ VIII sec. B.C. Between the late sixth and early fifth century BC l’ organization of urban space is divided along a main road, which runs from east to west, paved with large flagstones and intersected by narrow perpendicular streets, overlooked by houses. The coeval necropolis has grave goods with figured pottery of Greek type, gold jewelry and amber and greek type armor. These are the graves of those basileis (King), mentioned in ancient sources. From the first halfà IV implants l’ implantation of’ village of età Luke, she attended until the first quarter of the third century BC, characterized by monumental fortifications in square blocks and gates of the cityà ;. Inside the walls are open to the living quarters that overlap with those made in the sixth century BC  To signal an important experimental archeology experience that allowed to completely rebuild one of these buildings with ancient techniques.


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Vaglio Basilicata
85010 Vaglio Serra


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