Palazzo Reale di Genova

Palazzo Reale

What we now call Palace è in realityà a great patrician residence built, enhanced and decorated in time with splendor, as well as by Savoy in’ Eight hundred , two great Genoese dynasties: the Balbi , who built it between 1643 and 1650, and Durres who enlarged in the late Seicento and the’ beginning of the next century . The vaults of the salons and galleries are painted by some of the più names; important decoration baroque and Rococo memorize options Local. Among the more than one hundred paintings displayed in the rooms are works of the best Genoese artists of the seventeenth century along with masterpieces of Bassano , the Tintoretto , Luca Giordano , Anthony van Dyck , Ferdinand Voet and Guercino .

the visit includes the’ monumental atrium with stucco eighteenth , backyard d’ honor , roof garden and l’ apartment noble on the second floor with spectacular reception rooms such as the Throne room , the ballroom and Hall of Mirrors .

on Saturday morning (9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.) or for temporary exhibitionsè also visited the’ dei Principi Apartment  Hereditary also said the Duke of Abruzzi had installed the Savoy on the first floor of the building Nobile This wonderful example of a real apartment still preserves furniture, fabrics and nineteenth-century decorations

The house It is part of the&ldquo system Palazzi dei Rolli” and therefore since 2006è state recognized from’ UNESCO Assets of’ Humanityà .


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Via Balbi, 10
16126 Genova


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