Pinacoteca di Bari Corrado Giaquinto

Museum and Pinacoteca d'Arte Medievale e Moderna

The Provincial Gallery was established on July 12, 1928. The heritage was formed by the confluence of the già paintings core; preserved in the adjoining Pinacoteca Provincial Archaeological Museum built in 1875, other paintings sold as a deposit by churches and Puglia convents (especially important deposit of the Archbishop of Bari), of works obtained on loan from the National Gallery in Naples and Rome and other purchased by the Provincial Administration of Bari. Since its founding in 1936, the Gallery was housed in the Government Palace. Beginning in 1936 he was transferred to the Provincial Government Building, built on project of’ engineer Luigi Baffa, where he is still based. Since 2002è named after the Apulian painter Corrado Giaquinto, born in Molfetta in 1703 and died in Naples in 1766, of which the Museum exhibited seven works


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Via Spalato, 19/Lungomare N. Sauro, 27
70121 Bari

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