Corrado Giaquinto Art Gallery of Bari

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Enzo Guaricci

Until 31 May 2024

Museum and Gallery of Medieval and Modern Art

The Provincial Art Gallery of Bari , also known as the Corrado Giacquinto Art Gallery of Bari , was established on 12 July 1928.

From its foundation until 1936, the Bari Art Gallery was housed in the Government Palace. In 1936 it was moved to the Palazzo della Provincia, built according to a design by the engineer Luigi Baffa, where it still has its headquarters. Since 2002 it has been named after the Apulian painter Corrado Giaquinto , born in Molfetta in 1703 and died in Naples in 1766, of whom the Museum exhibits seven works

Its heritage was established through the confluence of the nucleus of paintings already preserved in the art gallery attached to the Provincial Archaeological Museum founded in 1875, of other paintings given as a deposit by churches and convents in Puglia (the deposit of the Archbishop's Curia of Bari is particularly important), of works obtained in storage from the National Galleries of Naples and Rome and others purchased by the Provincial Administration of Bari itself.


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Via Spalato, 19/Lungomare N. Sauro, 27
70121 Bari

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