closed VAIA.

Curated by: Manuel Cicchetti

The show

October 2018, Northeast Italy. A terrible storm of wind and water overthrows the forests. Millions of trees collapse to the ground. It is the cyclone Vaia which, as it leaves, leaves a dark and desolate landscape.

Man is now called to consider his share of responsibility. The reflection on his work (first destructive and then of reconstruction) begins with a look at what happened. An initially astonished look, and gradually more conscious, on the scenario that Cicchetti stops in his shots.

The Vaia project - which is also expressed through the photographic book of the same name, enriched by texts by Angelo Miotto - was born with the intention of accompanying the observer in an emotionally equal relationship with nature devastated by the cyclone.

The photographer has chosen to get as close as possible to a ratio of 1: 1 between Nature and the observer, thus imposing cohesion with the events that are now increasingly filtered by the screens of smartphones or computers.

Through the stitching technique it was possible to create images that combine up to 27 shots, allowing you to print photographs of over 4 basic linear meters and over 2 in height, maintaining an accuracy and sharpness of the details that enable the observer to appreciate the most hidden corners of the woods and nature.

The visitor of the VAIA exhibition - which opens in conjunction with the Science Festival - will find himself immersed in a corner of land that is one step away from us and draws our attention, feeling enveloped at the same time by a cry that is required and by a music poetics, which is trust and hope.

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Piazza Giacomo Matteotti, 9
16123 Genova


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