Civic Archaeological Museum of Chianciano Terme

The Archaeological Civic Museum of Chianciano Terme

The Archaeological Civic Museum of the Waters of Chianciano Terme, housed in a former nineteenth-century granary in the heart of the historic center, collects precious archaeological finds found in the municipal area and can boast the most important collection in the world of Etruscan canopes, or cinerary vessels in human form.

The itinerary of the Archaeological Civic Museum of Chianciano is spread over four floors and is organized by thematic sections that illustrate all aspects of the life and death of the Etruscan people, through splendid finds, suggestive reconstructions, descriptions, images and short videos.

The exhibition opens with some reconstructions of burials and exhibitions of grave goods, including pottery in bucchero and bronze, figured ceramics and amphorae, datable between the sixth and fifth centuries BC. C., era of maximum development for the city.

The collection of canopes from the excavations in the vast necropolis of Tolle is very rich, destined to preserve the ashes of eminent characters. These cineraries almost seem to await the visitor in the suggestive underground corridor: they are men and women depicted in their physical appearance destroyed forever in the funeral pyre who, challenging the eternal law of time, reveal themselves and tell each other with all their expressive power.


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Viale Dante, 80
53042 Chianciano Terme


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