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The Lametino Archaeological Museum collects finds from surface reconnaissance, excavation campaigns and fortuitous discoveries made in the Lamezia plain, with the aim of reconstructing the millenary history of what was once a strategic area on the road to the isthmus between the Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas. The Museum has been housed since 2010 on the first floor of the S. Domenico complex in Nicastro, a former convent founded between 1506 and 1521, where the famous philosopher Tommaso Campanella also deepened his theological studies. The Museum is divided into three sections: Prehistoric , Classical and Medieval. The Prehistoric Section displays stone tools, ceramic fragments and bone remains dating from the Lower Paleolithic (1.8 million-100,000 years ago) and the Middle Bronze Age (about 1600-1400 BC). An experimental archeology workshop is also set up in the room with a life-size reconstruction of a furnace for firing Neolithic vases. The Classical Section includes two rooms. The first exhibits documents on the most ancient Greek occupation of the Lamezia area and on the subsequent foundation of Terina, a colony of Crotone, which scholars locate in the area of Sant'Eufemia Vetere. Of notable interest are the hoards of Magna Graecia coins and epigraphic documents on bronze plates. The second room is dedicated to materials from the Hellenistic period , collected during the archaeological investigations carried out in loc. Iardini di Renda, and the finds from the Roman age. In the Medieval Section , post-classical material is exhibited, dating from the Byzantine age up to the 18th century. It comes from the excavations carried out in the Church of SS. Forty Martyrs, in the Benedictine Abbey of S. Maria di S. Eufemia and in the Castle of Nicastro.


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Piazzetta San Domenico, 11
88046 Lamezia Terme


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