Villa dei Mosaici di Spello

Spellos Villa Of Mosaics

A unique archaeological treasure in Umbria

Ten environments mosaic flooring amazing: geometric designs, animals  wild and fantastic, human figures and scenes of life. of exquisite stone carpets.

In the heart of’ Umbria, the Villa of Spello mosaics è a unique archaeological treasure. Unique of its kind, the residence of età Imperial yet refined preserves Floors mosaic and traces of paintings and stucco on the walls. The new museum, modern, multimedia, allows you to explore all the charms of this villa with 3D reconstructions, multimedia stations and dedicated App. The Villa of Spello mosaics was discovered in July 2005, just outside the walls of Spello, in the resortà Sant’ Anna, during work on the construction of a public car park.&Nbsp;

Among the rooms stands l’ large triclinium, the banquet hall , with the center of the floor a wine pouring scene. Other characters, arranged symmetrically holding plant elements or attributes related to dell’ agriculture world, depicting the Seasons. To complete the mosaic wild animals (panthers), domestic (wild boar, duck, deer, etc) and fantastic (sea tigers). L’ identityà Ownerè unknown. The study of the mosaic in the center of the main room, with the wine bar scene, has probably led to the hypothesis that it was a winegrower.


The Mosaics

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Via Paolina Schicchi Fagotti, 7
06038 Spello


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