Portogruaros Concordiese National Museum

The Portogruaro's Concordiese national Museum hosts a priceless collection of archaeological finds mostly coming from the Iulia Concordia area. In 1873, after the first extraordinary discovery, other excavations followed one another which brought to light an entire necropolis, later known as the "Sepolcreto dei Militi". Inestimable was the support of the lawyer Dario Bartolini who, sensing the value of the site, encouraged its excavations. Nowadays the museum, which opened its doors to the public on October 28th, 1888, has a three-nave Christian cathedral structure. Inside, the vast collection is exhibited between the atrium and several rooms spread over several floors. In the great hall it is possible to admire statues, mosaics, architectural elements, funerary steles, portraits and a vast epigraphic material from the city of Concordia. Continuing along the itinerary, in the room to the right of the entrance you can see marbles and coins; upstairs, there are finds from both private collections and from the excavations carried out by Bartolini himself. In addition, other material is classified into sections including gems, amber ornaments, oil lamps, everyday objects and glass. Finally, there are also finds recently discovered in Concordia.

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Via Seminario, 26
30026 Portogruaro


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