Area archeologica di Nervia

The Area

L’ archaeological site in the resortà Nervia contains the ruins of the cityà Roman“&rdquo ;, Albintimilium maritime and agricultural center founded in late età Republican along the Via Julia Augusta, on the remains of a primitive culture Ligurian allocation called“ Albium Intemelium” and considered in’ Augustan organization such as’ last CITY Italic administratively. It preserves traces of ancient walls, roads and some public and private monuments.

In particular, one can visit the remains of the Baths and the Theater, dated between the second and third century. d.C, which is the’ s best-preserved example of this type of public building in Liguria and one of the più considerable throughout the’ Italy Holland.

In’ Antiquarian , in support of the visit,è exposed a rich selection of artefacts found as a result of excavations conducted già the late nineteenth century and are still in progress. L’ fittingè divided into sections that describe different aspects and monuments of material culture of the inhabitants of“&rdquo Albintimilium; (Theater, Spa, toilet, everyday life, the world of the dead, l’ economy and trade).


Permanent Collection

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Corso Genova, 20 (Archeologica)
18039 Ventimiglia


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