Santuario italico di Pietrabbondante

Santuario Italico di Pietrabbondante

Italico Sanctuary of Pietrabbondante &preserves the most ugrave; important monumental evidence of religiosityà sannitica. Its location to a thousand meters of altitude allows to have a view on a large part of the Sannio and suggests its centralityà ideologically and politically. Unlike other religious buildings discovered in the area, this was a public worship sanctuary around the Pentro Sannio. In this place were celebrated rites in honor of godsà abstract such as Honos (military honor), Virtus (virtù military and political) and Ops Consiva (opulence of the state). In his temples warriors they devoted the weapons seized from the enemy to the glorification of the state.È You can admire the spectacular temple complex B- theater, built between the late second and early first century BC, the Roman tabernae , and the temple A, erected after the Second Punic War (218-202 BC). Among the buildings discovered in recent years thereè The domus publica , considered the first example archaeologically known of this type of architecture in Italy . This building had the function to accommodate the high priest, the priestly Curia and the meddix tuticus (chief magistrate) during special festivitiesà.


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Località Calcatello
86085 Pietrabbondante


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