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Cripta747 is pleased to present the exhibition There is no quiet after the storm, a selection of reportage photographs, videos, archive materials and scientific images, contents of the homonymous research project which, since 2019, the photographer Matteo de Mayda continues with the aim of telling the story of the Vaia storm and the communities it affected in northeastern Italy.

The exhibition is developed in collaboration with CAMERA - the Italian Center for Photography - and is part of the activities conceived by the center for FUTURES Photography 2021.

Between 26 and 30 October 2018, an extreme atmospheric event hit Italy, violently hitting Trentino, Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia. On the night of 29 October, in particular, in some valleys of the Dolomites and the Venetian Prealps the incessant rain caused the torrents to overflow and the sirocco blew up to 200 kilometers per hour, crashing about 14 million trees to the ground: an unprecedented phenomenon in Italy. The following day, the inhabitants of those valleys only had a few moments to contemplate the disturbed landscape, then they immediately had to roll up their sleeves to remedy the most evident damage: damaged buildings, roofless houses, streets and squares flooded with earth and logs and mud, uneven stream beds, destroyed aqueducts, fallen power and telephone lines. It is estimated that the storm, which was classified as a hurricane due to its intensity, devastated approximately 42,500 hectares of forest (equal to 70,000 football fields), for a total economic damage of almost 3 billion.


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Via Catania, 15/F
10154 Turin


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