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Saturday 26 November at 18.30, at the Polo del '900 in Palazzo San Celso (corso Valdocco 4/A) the exhibition Every food is a landscape opens – open from 27 November to 18 December 2022– promoted by BJCEM.

The review is part of Food Wave, a project funded by the European Commission under the DEAR programme, which aims to create a new alliance between institutions, civil society and young people for a green, inclusive and sustainable future of cities. Food Wave focuses in particular on the importance that sustainable food systems can have at an urban level and on the adoption of responsible practices and lifestyles by boys and girls aged 15 to 35 for the mitigation of climate change. The project is led by the Municipality of Milan and involves 17 countries through a network of 29 partners, made up of 16 international cities and 13 civil society organisations.

The exhibition, curated by Marco Trulli, presents videos, paintings, performances and installations by 16 young artists – Beatrice Caruso, Filipa Cruz, Chiara De Maria, Lucia Di Pietro, Anna Fainareti Lioka, Hajnal Gyeviki, Ceren Hamiloglu, Mira Hirtz, Shuai Peng, Despina Petridou, Maria Nissan, Mila Panic, Giulio Saverio Rossi, Elektra Stampoulou, Agnese Spolverini, Dimitris Theocharis – from European and Mediterranean countries, who reflect on the environmental, cultural and social impact of the production and consumption of food, with the aim of re-establishing the relationship with food, seen as an element of connection between man and the ecosystem and as a vehicle for relationships between different cultures and languages.

The food industry is one of the human activities most responsible for climate change, because it is linked to the intensive exploitation of the land, the use of fertilizers and intensive agricultural practices. At the same time, a third of what is produced is wasted, generating negative effects on food poverty and the use of environmental resources.

Every food is a landscape focuses on some key issues of the role of food production and consumption in European and Mediterranean countries. The works open critical reflections on the processes of exploitation of environmental resources, restoring the image of a desolate, worn-out, unnatural landscape, subjected to a single-crop and intensive transformation for economic purposes. For this reason, ambiguous and restless visions emerge in the exhibition, which highlight the deception of a landscape that is only apparently natural.

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Corso Valdocco, via del Carmine
10122 Turin


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