Chiesa di San Teonisto

The Church Of San Teonisto

The church of San Teonisto, in the historic center of Treviso, is a place of culture, dedicated in particular to music, and is part of the cultural spaces in which the activities of the Benetton Studies Research Foundation are divided into.

The complex restoration of the church, completed at the end of 2017 and entrusted to the care of the architect Tobia Scarpa, has returned a renewed architecture, but capable of recounting the signs of the past of a consecrated place, then severely damaged by the bombings of 1944 and stripped of its furnishings, and finally forgotten. Subsequently deconsecrated and used for different uses, the building was managed by the Municipality of Treviso until its acquisition in 2010 by Luciano Benetton, who subsequently donated it to the Benetton Studies Research Foundation.

The new functional needs of the church have found a solution in the construction of two reclining stands which, thanks to the insertion of a new raised floor and a delicate excavation work, can be completely hidden from view by disappearing below the level of the floor, allowing to obtain a completely free space, capable of hosting temporary exhibitions. When raised, the stands allow the classroom to be used as a music room and auditorium.

The architectural-structural intervention was completed by the restoration and repositioning of almost all the original pictorial works, thanks to a thirty-year agreement between the Benetton Foundation and the Municipality of Treviso, which kept the paintings in the collections of the Civic Museum, after the removal that took place following the bombing.

Ph. credit Corrado Piccoli


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via San Nicolò, 31
31100 Treviso


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