Pinacoteca Civica e Diocesana di Spello

The Picture Gallery

Civic Art Gallery and Diocesan Spello contains works of propertyà of the parish of Santa Maria Maggiore and the City of Spello, in addition to pieces recently acquired through the grant of private individuals.

The path is divided into eight rooms , where emerges the ratio of city ​​à Spello with other art centers of Umbria, especially Orvieto, Spoleto, Foligno and Perugia. The works are placed between the thirteenth and eighteenth centuries, including a diptych Cola Petruccioli, a Madonna and Child attributed to Andrea d’ Assisi and Triptych of the Master of the’ Assumption of Amelia . The Triptych was dismembered in an unknown time and the individual elements were reused as autonomous paintings for the altars of the collegiate. Today found in the Pinacoteca its original composition. The central compartment included a Enthroned Madonna and Child , painted full-length as the side holy. In the early sixteenth century it was repainted: l’ artist in charge, that you do not know with certainty the’ identityà (Some argue it is Pintoricchio, while today there is a tendency to attribute it to Andrea d’ Assisi said l’ Ingegno), arranged to cut the table repainting così a Madonna and Child three-quarters, but let memorize options unchanged the bottom, the halos and the throne.

In Art Gallery are also exposed some magnificent examples of Gothic goldsmith and baroque and an interesting sculpture section wooden medieval and Renaissance.


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Piazza G. Matteotti, 10
06038 Spello


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