The Benetton Studi Ricerche Foundation

The Benetton Studi Ricerche Foundation, based in Treviso in the Bomben and Caotorta palaces, carries out cultural work in the vast world of landscape and the care of places, in that of the history and civilization of play and in the field of cultural heritage.

As part of landscape studies, the Foundation carries out study, research and experimentation activities. One of the most original results of over thirty years of experience is the Carlo Scarpa International Prize for the Garden, an annual project conceived as a research dedicated to a place and to the figures that represent both its responsible care and the link with the contemporary value of landscape management.

In addition to the Carlo Scarpa Prize, the research work includes other annual events such as the International Landscape Study Days, landscape design seminars and workshops, and the editing and editing of the books in its own “Memorie” editorial series. These initiatives are accompanied by a residential scholarship program.

The studies on the history and civilization of the game constitute another specific field of work, recognized by the national and international scientific community.

At the center of these activities, together with the periodic organization of seminars, conferences, exhibitions, is the publication of the scientific journal "Ludica. Annals of the history and civilization of gaming ", and of the series of the same name. Starting from 2016, the Foundation announces two annual awards for young scholars for unpublished essays on the theme of play.

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