Diocesan Museum of Tortona

Sacred Art Museum

In a symbolic place of the Diocese - the spaces of the former Episcopal Seminary - the Museum of Sacred Art collects works that have mostly flowed into the deposits of the Curia for security reasons, which coming from the city of Tortona and from the large diocesan territory to the new Institute a fundamental peculiarity: to tell the history of the Diocese through artistic production and to provide a pastoral experience for the diocesan community and for the visitors of the museum.

The headquarters is a historic building with its own physiognomy, which could not and should not have been changed. The museum itinerary unfolds on three levels through a thematic and chronological itinerary. The Museum, through a hinge room that flanks the Library and the Historical Archives already present in the building, comes to realize the unity of the Diocesan Cultural Center and with it its role of ecclesial service.


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Via del Seminario, 7
15057 Tortona


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