Area archeologica dell'acropoli etrusca

Etruscan Acropolis

On the top of the hill, repeated excavations have brought to light the remains of a district destined to house the main religious buildings of the Etruscan city. It is an area that has been inhabited since the origins of Volterra and thanks to the excavations it was possible to reconstruct the history of the city. The stone remains are those of various buildings that have followed one another since the seventh century. B.C. until the Roman age. Of the monuments that were found on this acropolis we know that the oldest was a temple of which, however, nothing has remained visible, being built mainly in clay and wood. The remains visible today are, however, those of two large sanctuaries built in the Hellenistic period, around the third century BC. In addition to these, the bases of various service buildings have survived, some cisterns and paved roads also datable to the Hellenistic age.


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Viale di Mende
56048 Volterra


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