Truffle Museum and Documentation Center

The Truffle Museum

The Truffle Museum of San Giovanni d'Asso, a small and characteristic village located between the Crete Senesi and the Val d'Orcia, is the first Italian museum dedicated to this precious fruit of the earth. Housed in the evocative basement of an ancient castle that dominated the Asso Valley, the exhibition itinerary winds for 250 square meters, between vaults and walls where traces of early fourteenth-century frescoes are still preserved. The museum offers modern languages using immediate exhibition forms, to offer the visitor the opportunity to take a pleasant journey into the complex world of truffles. The first section is dedicated to the "mystery of the truffle" and to the plurality of interpretations it has had over time: from the legend that it originated from a lightning bolt to the actual scientific definition, the visitor can retrace the fate and fortune of the precious tuber in the main historical moments.

The second section of the truffle museum, "the truffle and the senses", provides engaging sensory experiences through paths that involve touch, hearing, taste and finally the so-called "odorama", a real carousel dedicated to the sense of smell. The visitor thus becomes an active subject of his own knowledge in the sensorial field, in a game in which the truffle becomes almost a pretext to remind us of the presence and importance of the senses themselves to know the outside world.

The last section of the museum, dedicated to the "truffle at the table", shows the techniques of harvesting, conservation and gastronomic use and offers two sections of the kitchen: the reproduction of a peasant canteen where the truffle is sought and an alto bourgeois, where instead it is consumed. The itinerary closes with the documentation center, where educational workshops are also held, and the exhibition section dedicated to wild herbs which in traditional societies had an important supplementary function of nutrition.


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Piazza Gramsci, 1
53020 San Giovanni d'Asso


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