Lodges of the Wool Shooters

Shooters Lodges

The long building of the Logge dei Tiratori, equipped with a portico and bordered by the church of Santa Maria dei Laici, was originally the seat of the hospital of Santa Maria, erected in 1326 on the initiative of the homonymous brotherhood. In 1505 other city hospitals joined it. The building thus took the name of "Spedal Grande" remaining active until 1628. On its facade remains a fresco with the Madonna among the SS. Pietro e Paolo of 1473, attributed to a pupil of Nelli.

Already in the mid-fifteenth century, the Arte della Lana aimed to build, above the hospital, a covered room to "pull" the clothes (that is, to dry the fabric, stretched so as to make them assume a certain length and width) . The tiratoio was built, after countless disputes, only at the beginning of the century. XVII becoming one of the very rare examples of pre-industrial architecture.

Recently, the underlying conference room that belonged to the Banca dell'Umbria has been restored and is currently used as an exhibition space: The organization of the events is entrusted to the CariPerugia Arte Foundation, an organizational and production-promotion structure created by the Cassa di Risparmio di Perugia Foundation in 2014. to strengthen the activity already carried out over the years in the fields of art and culture.

The Cassa di Risparmio di Perugia Foundation is engaged in a recovery project that also includes the opening of a local that will connect Piazza 40 Martiri with Piazza San Giovanni with the crossing of the Camignano stream via a pedestrian walkway.


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Piazza 40 Martiri
06024 Gubbio


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