Museo Archeologico, Spezieria di Santa Fina e Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea Raffaele De Grada

The Museum

The San Gimignano Museum is located at the ancient monastery of Santa Chiara subsequently transformed into a conservatory for good family and, finally, at middle school. The complex, defined through an articulate series of interventions attributable to the XVII-XIX centuries, was recovered between the 1980s and nineties of the last century. An exhibition pole of great interest was set up which includes the Archaeological Museum, the Spezieria of Santa Fina and the modern and contemporary art gallery "Raffaele de Grada".

The Archaeological Museum of San Gimignano preserves important testimonies that trace the oldest sangimignane history, from the archaic Etruscan period to the 18th century. The exhibition is divided into two sections: one dedicated to Etruscan and Roman art with finds from settlements and necropolis found in the territory (including Pugiano, Cellole, and Ripa) dating back to the VII - the century after Christ; The other is instead reserved for artisanal productive activities, such as glass and ceramics, attested to the city during the Middle Ages.

The Spezieria di Santa Fina, annexed in 1253 at the hospital of the same name founded in the mid-13th century, proposes a careful recovery of furnishings and furnishings of the ancient health institutions of the city. The preparation reproduces the original trim and aromas of the pharmacy, one of the oldest in Tuscany, with the subdivision into "cuisine", where medicines were prepared, and in the "shop", in charge of selling products, which were contained In ceramic vases and vitreets of the high quality level, referable to a period between the centuries XV and XVIII, and who still accompany visitors with their beneficial aromas.

Raffaele De Grada started attending the Valdelsana town in 1915 following the marriage with the Sangimignaneese Magda Ceccarelli and in the halls of the Museum many works that stand out, not only for artistic interest, but also for the deep bond that the artist established with Saint Gimignano. Opened in 2002 by Enrico Crispolti, the permanent collection brings together works of the Tuscan nineteenth century and the twentieth century. In Niccolò Cannicci and Raffaele De Grada are destined two monographic rooms, after encountered the donation of the imposing canvases with the surreal suggestions of Giannetto Fieschi. The museum continues with the works entered the collection since the 1970s thanks to the De Grada award (including Guttuso, Sassu, Vacchi), to the great adhesion (1985) exhibition, curated by Andrea del Guercio and dedicated to abstract art , design and new painting, and thanks to the following initiatives that until the beginning of 2000 have enriched the gallery.


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Via Folgòre, 11
53037 San Gimignano


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