Museo Nazionale del Paleolitico di Isernia

National Museum of the Paleolithic

In the cityà Isernia is the Paleolithic National Museum of Isernia , an innovative museum set on the very site of the&ldquo site discovery; Isernia La Pineta&rdquo ;, prehistoric site of Lower Paleolithic thanks to an archaeological area of ​​about 300 square meters and thousands of archaeological finds, made it possible to reconstruct a small piece of our long history evolutiva.Scoperto the late‘ 70, l’ activityà scientific research has allowed the highlighting of a large deposit and articulated inside which have been recognized several archaeological levels and three archaeosurfaces. The study of sediments, the remains of pollen, of the thousands of animal bones and tools made of flint and limestone produced and used by’ man, have provided fundamental information for understanding the environment, ways of life and the strategies adopted by groups of Homo heidelbergensis lived in Isernia about 600,000 years fa.Resti buffaloes, rhinos, elephants, bears and megaceros associated with flint and limestone tools were abandoned by groups of people who attended the’ Isernia area, and which today form the beating heart the Museum; a museum of approximately 4,000 square meters divided into three large pavilions, a’ large green area and adjacent structures used for activitiesà educational and outreach.


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Località La Pineta
86170 Isernia


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