Archaeological Museum of Priverno

The Archaeological Museum of Priverno

The Archaeological Museum is housed in the Valeriani-Guarini-Antonelli Palace, a prestigious historic residence overlooking the beautiful main square of Priverno.

The Museum is dedicated to Privernum, a city that was Volsca and then Roman, and through the finds that emerged in the excavations carried out in the Archaeological Park, it accompanies the visitor to discover the most ancient phases of life of the territory, from the protohistoric age to its birth and life. of the Roman colony, founded in the late 2nd century BC in the heart of the Amaseno plain.

The collection includes over a thousand objects, including inscriptions, terracotta, kitchen and table ceramics. The high tenor of public buildings materializes above all in the sumptuous marble decoration of the forum and the theater, with statues and portraits of the imperial family.

Refined polychrome mosaics of Hellenistic style testify to the luxury of the ancient patrician domus; among these stands a long threshold that winds for almost five meters to illustrate a lively cross-section of all the teeming and multiform soul life along the banks of the Nile river in Egypt, with its marshy environment, its fauna and flora and curious cartoons animated by Pygmies.


Permanent Collection

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Piazza Giovanni XXIII
04015 Priverno


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