Altare Prenuragico di Monte d'Accoddi

The prenuragico altar of Monte d'Accoddi

prenuragico altar of Monte d'Accoddi is located near Sassari. The prenuragico sanctuary is located in the center of Nura along the 'old' state 131 (towards Porto Torres), in the territory of Sassari, eleven kilometers from the capital of the North Island. The monument had a central role in the society of the time: it was the height of the evolution of a complex developed from the second half of the fourth millennium BC The altar is the overlap of two phases, that of the 'red temple', in the final Neolithic period (3500-2900 BC), and the subsequent 'temple with steps', Eneolithic (2700 BC), during the' culture Abealzu-Filigosa '. All stones were precise function in the sacrificial rites. At the end of the final Neolithic the people of the 'culture of Ozieri' built one in the shape of a truncated pyramid platform, with the sides at the base of 27 meters, over which stood a rectangular compartment with plastered and painted surfaces of ocher and traces of yellow and black. The Environment remain sacred floor and remains of a perimeter wall. Around 2800 BC, the structure of the 'red temple', abandoned for about two centuries, was covered by a huge land fill, stones and limestone marl, in turn 'covered' by large stone blocks. There arose a great new platform pyramid 'stepped', with the longer sides of the previous and accessible by a ramp, forty meters long and wide from thirteen to seven. The second shrine recalls the ziggurat altar with 'open air'.


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Strada Statale 131 Km 222 200
07100 Sassari


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