Archaeological Park of Herculaneum

The Archaeological Park of Herculaneum

The new Archaeological Park of Herculaneum, born in 2016, began its full operational phase in 2017. The mission of the Park combines research, conservation and transmission to the present public and to future generations of the cultural values of Herculaneum. The absolute exceptionality of the site has also been recognized worldwide by UNESCO, in whose lists it has been included since 1997. To help in the optimal management of this wonderful heritage in Herculaneum, an exemplary case of public-private interaction has been active since 2001 thanks to the precious presence of Packard Foundation.

The visit itineraries tell the life and the last hours of a luxurious town in the shadow of Vesuvius, consigned to history by the eruption of 79 AD The streets, houses, public spaces, wellness and spas, shops and artisan activities, the sacred, are just some of the themes that can be clearly perceived, in a visit that is characterized by the peculiarity of offering an intimate and collected dimension of an exceptional experience.


Permanent Collection

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Corso Resina, 187
80056 Herculaneum


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