The Civic Archaeological Museum of Lavinia

The Civic Archaeological Museum Lavinium

The statue of Minerva Tritonia welcomes you at the entrance to the Civic Archaeological Museum Lavinium. This spectacular terracotta statue, dating back to the 5th century BC, depicts the goddess Minerva, to whom an important sanctuary was dedicated in the ancient Lavinium. From the votive deposit linked to the cult of Minerva, protector of marriages and births, the terracotta statues exhibited in the first room of the Museum were found, depicting bidders, datable between the fifth and third centuries BC, stand out for their beauty, executive quality and attention to detail. The votive heads set up in the Mundus Muliebris room come from the same votive deposit: the jewels and hairstyles, faithfully reproduced, testify to the luxury and prestige of the richest and most noble classes who frequented the sanctuary of the goddess. The itinerary continues with a room dedicated to Aeneas, the mythical hero and founder of Lavinium, whose deeds were narrated, at the behest of the emperor Augustus, by the poet Virgil in the Aeneid. The ancient city of Laviunium was also defined civitas religius due to the presence of numerous sanctuaries, among which the most important is to be identified in the sacred area of the XIII Altars. Numerous and different votive materials were found in this sacred place; very interesting are the ritual vases with black figures of Greek import, including the famous cup of the Dioscuri of the sixth century. BC The exhibition itinerary is also enriched by funeral objects from one of the protohistoric necropolises investigated. The visit to the Museum ends with the room dedicated to the so-called Heroon of Aeneas. The tomb, originally covered by a tumulus, belonged to an important figure of the 7th century BC, who was buried with his precious personal objects, was monumentalized at the end of the 4th century BC, now associated with the figure of Aeneas, and transformed into a sort of sanctuary with the construction of an inaccessible cell closed by a false double door in tuff.


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Loc. Borgo di Pratica, 4
00071 Pomezia


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