MUSA Historical Archaeological Museum

MUSA - Historical Archaeological Museum is located in the historic city of Lecce and was opened in 2007. The museum is run by the Department of Cultural Heritage of the University of Salento. The museum traces the milestones of the research of historians and archaeologists from the University. The exposure of the MUSA includes archaeological finds from the excavations of the University but also reconstructions of ancient settings, and repeats the basic stages of a long process of growth that has seen the continuing education of historical and archaeological research horizons, from prehistory Salento to the Middle Ages and the East Mediterranean, but also the steady increase of skills and laboratory equipment intended for the study of the ancient part of the University of Salento. In the tour route, divided into five rooms, ample space is given to archaeological surveys conducted in Salento, through a route that starts from the prehistory and reaches up to the Middle Ages. The exposed materials come directly from the field activities and thus retain strong ties with their original context, recreated in the museum with the help of models, casts and even 3D video.

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Via di Valesio
73100 Lecce


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