Buontalenti Palace

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Buontalenti Palace

Palazzo Buontalenti (also known in Pistoia as Palazzo Sozzifanti) is an interesting example of Florentine architecture of the late sixteenth century, in the historic center of Pistoia, located in front of Palazzo de' Rossi, headquarters of the Caript Foundation. Imposing in size, but in fact little perceived due to the contiguity of the surrounding buildings, it has a harmonious and severe internal courtyard characterized by two loggia-portico systems with a double order of columns. The name of the Palazzo is due to the alleged involvement in the planning phase of the famous Florentine Bernardo Buontalenti, trusted architect of the Grand Duke of Tuscany. Long since decommissioned by the family, the Palazzo has had various uses over the years, before the recent restoration. Since 2013, the Caript Foundation has been involved in the creation of exhibition events in its spaces on the ground floor. Now Palazzo Buontalenti is configured as the headquarters of the Pistoia Museums Foundation dedicated to temporary exhibitions, with particular attention to modern and contemporary art.


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Via de' Rossi, 7
51100 Pistoia


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