Antico Palazzo dei Vescovi

Antico Palazzo Dei Vescovi

L’ Ancient Palace of Bishops, located in the Duomo Square in Pistoia,è attested by 1091. Initially fortified residence, in the twelfth century acquires l’ appearance of a mansion. Among the many features, l’ building houses the sacristy of St. James, built between 1163 and 1170, in which occurred the theft of Vanni Fucci narrated by Dante in song XXIV of’ Inferno. In the sixteenth century the building achieves a remarkable elegance but begins to be lacking in utility rooms, so that the bishop Scipione de’ Ricci obtained by the Grand Duke Peter Leopold permission to build a new palace vescovile.Nei following decades, sold to private, it is profoundly altered, increasing the number of internal plans and modifying heavily facades. In 1976 the Cassa di Pistoia e Pescia Savings starts a restoration of the building complex was completed in 1980 with the recovery of most of the structures and of’ original appearance.

Today, the propertyà Foundation Caript, the Palace is one of the vertices of Pistoia Museums Foundation, dedicated to’ ancient art and modern. The Palace is home to moreù sections: the Archaeological walk equipped, the Museum of the Cathedral of San Zeno, CollezioneBigongiari, l’ millefiori Tapestry, a Pomona by Marino Marini, the Wall of Giovanni Boldini, Tactile Museum: the cityà to touch.


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Piazza del Duomo, 7
51100 Pistoia


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